Episode 90: Miriam Moorman – How to Leverage Next Door To Expand Your Reach – JP & Associates REALTORS?

    Miriam Moorman has worked in Real Estate for five years in the Austin Market and in this episode, Mirriam discusses how Business relocations keep growing the city and fueling the market.

    Miriam also delves into how she stays motivated during her daily routine and how her goal-setting habits have kept her focused. In this episode, you’ll also hear about how Mirriam is staying engaged in her market and maximizing her reach through platforms like Next Door or Realtor.com.

    “If you’re using scripts to help you know what to say, especially newer agents may need that. Don’t read someone else’s script, internalize it so you know what to say but then say it in your own way. Because that’s why people will buy into you and trust you as if you seem like a real genuine person and not a bot.”

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